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We provide fence chargers and related products through Speedrite. Speedrite energizers are reconized throughout the world for their extreme reliability, quality, and performance. With a two year warranty and 80 years of experience, Speedrite has a charger that will meet your needs.

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        Expanded Metal                                          Wood Board                                                       Split Rail

           Tube Gate                                              Mesh Gate

We supply gates to suit your needs. Most popular for ag solutions are the tube gates. [16 gauge tubing & hot dipped galvanized] Tube gates with 2×4 mesh and expanded metal are also a common choice.We custom build our wooden gates in our shop to meet your design and size requirements.

Hot dipped galvanizing is a process where the gate is manufactured and then dipped into a tank of molten zinc covering the inside and outside of the pipe including the weld joints. Gates built and coated this way will  last 50+ years under normal circumstances.


  • 4' 2x4 Mesh Gate
  • 4' Board Gate
  • 2x4 Mesh Gate
  • Board Gate
  • 4' Split Rail Gate
  • Double Tube Gates
  • Expanded Metal Gate
  • Split Rail Gate
  • Stream Bank Fence
  • Stream Bank Fencing
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  • Tube Gate
4' 2x4 Mesh Gate1 4' Board Gate2 2x4 Mesh Gate3 Board Gate4 4' Split Rail Gate5 Double Tube Gates6 Expanded Metal Gate7 Split Rail Gate8 Stream Bank Fence9 Stream Bank Fencing10 Tube Gate [Powder Coated Black]11 Tube Gate12
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